Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flashcards at Target

I am always getting fun ideas from other people and places and thought it would cool to keep track of them on a blog. Thank you to my friend, Katie, for coming up with the title "Grow Me. Grow You". I want to show the projects I'm working on and that Apollo does with me (so growing myself while Apollo grows too). I've been asking a lot of family and friends lately so the moms can get their daily tasks and projects done at the same time the child can being doing a fun project. We've had fun trying new things.

They are selling flashcards for a buck each at Target. Apollo loves them! I wanted to take my own pictures and make some flashcards but you can't go wrong if they're so cheap. He had just had some veggies and dip-but I think most of the dip made it on to his shirt.