Friday, November 18, 2016

Cranberry Thanksgiving.

Circle Time.  Each child shared something they are grateful for in the circle.

Literature.  Cranberry Thanksgiving.  The kids got a kick out of this story.  I also found out from this story the age of some of the kids' parents.  Pearls mom is 79. Ha!  I think it was Nora's mom who was very very young (I can't remember now what she said).  We talked about when the book was written and ages.  Parks also told another child that "my dad is bigger than your dad" like he was proud.  I don't know where he got that from.

Art.  All the kids made Thanksgiving vests and headbands.

Game.  We played "Hot or Cold".  They could have played this forever and were sad to stop.

Quiet Reading.  Last year I used to do this once a week and it took awhile for the kids to be able to read quietly.  This year, I had a big pile of books and loved reading and enjoying the books.  I couldn't believe how in to it they were this year and for their first time!  We all shared what we had been reading and Emily read to the kiddos.
Reading Lessons.  The kids that know their letters and reading now and doing an incredible job!!  It's amazing to see their progression in such a short amount of time!

PE.  We went around the school doing squats, pushups, lunges, etc.  We got a good little workout in.  We also did a tiny bit of Yoga.

Spanish.  We practiced our colors and after they read a book in English, I would repeat in Spanish and have them say some of the Spanish with me.

Puppets.  My friend Sherrie is a survivor!  She has had two brain tumors and now is battling cancer.  This was one of her first steps back into things.  She is a great puppet master and taught the kiddos about how to manipulate the puppets to show different emotions.  The kids enjoyed playing with the puppets.  A funny part was when each kid had the puppet be their mom or dad and said something they would say.  One of my cuties (I won't name names) got up and made the puppet snore like his dad.  So funny!

Busy Baking.

Nursery Rhymes.  Each child is memorizing a different nursery rhyme and presenting it to the class.  All the kids that have gone have done such a fabulous job!!

Science Experiments.  All the kids brought candy to class (Pearl brought enough for 20 people) so I got Ziplocks out and had my kids and their cousins organize them for all our science experiments and baking projects.

Here is the worksheet I made for a class when my oldest was little to do candy and other science experiments.  We did some science experiments on Tues. and Thurs.  The kids were like little scientists taking notes and drawing pictures of what they had seen.

Science Experiments:
Skittles-do they dissolve faster in hot or cold water?

M&Ms and Skittles-watch the letters float to the top because they are made of a different substance and dissolve more slowly.

Starburst-Put them in the microwave and look at the oil that is on top afterward

Candy Bars-some sink and some float.  Why?

Warheads, Sweet Tarts, Smarties, Lemon heads-Test if they are acidic.  Put water and baking soda on top and see if they bubble.  Test against non acidic candy too to compare.  If  things are sour, they are acidic.

Laffy Taffy-How can we make it stickier.  Make a car and see how long it can be stretched.


Making paper airplanes and testing them out.

For the rest of the class we made goodies using our Halloween candy.
Witch's Brew Brownies
Make a box of brownies like normal and add Halloween candy on top just before baking.


Chocolate Chip Cookies
Make regular chocolate chip cookies but instead of chocolate chips, the students cut up their chocolate bars (with butter knives) or used other bits of chocolate candy.

Holiday Bark
We melted chocolate chips and poured it out on parchment paper.  The kiddos added all sorts of crazy candy combinations.

I am sosososooooo thankful for my students helpers, my daughter, and my nieces for pulling off such an incredible feat as to make so many goodies (we did it in little groups).  Thank you to the mamas who baked up our goods.

 Journal.  I am good at...

Math.  We had a very great discussion about the money we made from our apple pies and what it was spent on.

After we got back from our Halloween bake sale, we added up all the money together.  The kids were excited to think of what could be purchased.

We all made a bake sale sign that was a huge success!!  We ran out of brownies.  Madelyn was setting up the cookies and table for me and came back to tell me that there was already a line forming for the goodies before lunchtime even started!