Sunday, March 25, 2012

 DIY Silhouette Paintings.

This is my mom's brilliant idea.  She came for Parks' birth and Christmas and while she was here did a lot of house projects.  She thought it would be fun to add a little of Carleton into a room.  

This is how we did the bike paintings:
1.  From left to right - Light source. Bike.  Canvases.  We propped up Carleton's bike in the garage (it's dark)in the middle with a lamp (without a shade-a flashlight would work well too) on one side and a canvas on the other.  I moved the light around until a cool shadow formed on the canvas.  Just move the light as close to the object as you want until the shadow comes clear on the canvas.  

2.  With pencils, outline the silhouette that is made on the canvas.

3.  Paint. 

 Here's a close up.

 Mom went home and did the same thing with her geraniums.  She painted her bathroom gray and added her geraniums in this pretty yellow.  She wants to try some other silhouettes too.  I might do one of Carleton rock climbing.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Love these two products!!  Swaddle Me.  Bumbo.

I didn't have these with my other two kiddos but wish I did.  I love the Bumbo.  I can set Parks in there and he feels like he's part of the family.  He can "sit up" in it and join us at meal time or I can put him on the counter and chat with him or sing to him as I clean.  He can sit and watch the kids play with their Legos.  It will be great to have later when he can eat solid food.


Swaddle Me.  I have swaddled all my kids.  Parks always wiggles out of his blankets and gets cold and twice I found him with his blanket over his face.  This is when I decided to by the blankets with velcro.  I love them.  He loves them.  It's like a signal to him that it's time to sleep when I put them in them.  I got both of these products from Babies R Us.  Great shower gift.