Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rainy Day Activities.

My husband sent me these ideas from a website the other day when it was raining.  We ended up taping (with painter's tape) butcher paper to the floor and let the kids color away.  Thought I'd share this fun list with you...

1. Find the thimble (Hide the button) -  take turns hiding and finding the thimble or button
2. Kitchen Band - use only pots and pans to make music
3.  Arts and Crafts  -  Kids Craft Club
4. Make popcorn and watch a movie
5. Make an indoor fort using a blanket and a table or chair
6. Memory Game- put ten toys in a pillow case and see who can remember what's inside
7. See who can hop on one foot the longest
8. Musical chairs
9. Coloring
10. Build a huge castle out of blocks
11.  Clean your room or pick up all they toys
12.  Walk with a book on your head for 10 ft.
13.  Take the Math Quiz
14.  Have a tea party
15.  Guess what's in the bag - put object in a brown paper bag and take turns guessing the contents
16.   Read a book to your brother, sister, mother, dad, sitter....
17.  Make a racetrack with obstacles and drive your toy cars through it
18.  Have an indoor picnic
19. Draw food items on paper plates and color them
20.  Play a board game
21.   Run in place for 5 minutes
22.  Do 20 or more jumping jacks
23.  Touch you toes 25 times
24. Read a book
25.  Make homemade playdough (clay) and build something
26.  Make a glitter picture
27. Make paper dolls
28. Make cookies or cupcakes (get a adult to help)
29. Make a rain gauge
30.  Tell jokes
31.  Play kid safe online games
32.  Have a Congo line
33. Dance
34. Make forts or houses for your play solders or stuffed animals out of pillows and blankets
35.  Be a super hero, put on a cape made from a towel or blanket
36.  Sing- a-long to a CD, ipod  or the radio
37. Sing Row Row Row Your Boat,  and Are you Sleeping Brother John 5 items each
38. Draw a picture
39.  Pretend  you are an animal, make noise and walk like an animal, try being a monkey, elephant, horse, duck and ?
40. Find 10 things in your house that start with the letter  "P"
41.   Play penny hockey on a table
42.  Build a house out of cards
43.  Play Mother May I?
44. Play Simon Says
45. Put of a play about your favorite movie
46.  Make a paper chain
47.   Make paper airplanes
48.   Play geology games
49.  Play dress up
50.   Put together a puzzle