Saturday, October 29, 2016

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 Another Celebrated Dancing Bear.

Choice Time.  We added Legos into the mix today.

Literature.  It was fun to talk about Russia and introduce this book.  I even taught them a dance step...they did great!

 Handwriting without Tears.  Today we worked on letter P.

PE.  We took some ribbon and threw it back and forth to make a web.  Some of us held the "spider web" we made while others crawled like little spiders underneath.

Art.  We looked at a landscape in the book and made our own.  The kids did long strokes of water colors on the big paper and cut our trees, houses, and buildings from black paper to make silhouettes.  They were supposed to put their silhouettes on their mountains but something got lost in translation and we all had floating pieces.  All part of the fun.

Game.  I once went to a meeting where a couple had home schooled their children and they ended up going to top notch collages.  They talked about in impact that board games had on their kids and how great they are for them.  I agree!  I was so lucky to have three helpers for an hour the other day.  Each group played a different game and when they were done or ready for a new game, we just fed them through.  They practiced patterns, numbers, etc.  It was fun!  They learned a lot of new games.  We played Old Maid, War, Qwirkle, Candy Land, I Spy, Spot It, and Jenga.

Journal.  When I grow up, I want to be...  Some of the answers were Spiderman, an alien, a mama, a cowgirl, and a fireman.


Yoga and Meditation.  We did some yoga moves and listened to a butterfly meditation.  The kids were perfectly quiet for the seven minutes!!  What?!  We have tried it before but I couldn't believe this time.  They loved it.  The meditation talked about butterflies by their feet and afterwards I asked what color their butterflies were and they all could tell me.

It was fun to dress up yet again.  The learning center did pj day and Halloween dress up again.  I didn't have my phone one day and didn't take many pics the other day.  Having too much fun!  The time just flies by for me!

Here we are getting ready to go to kinder class.


Halloween 2.0
 For our Halloween class, we dipped pretzels into white (that we colored orange) melted chocolate.  We topped them off with green M&Ms.  I handed them out to my kinder class kiddos.

Billie made eyeball monster cookies to give to the class.


During choice time, I work with the kids on their reading.  For those that know their letters and letter sounds, it is amazing to see them venture into reading.  It is amazing to see them grow from week to week!  

Circle Time.  We have added I'm a Witch and 5 Little Pumpkins to our normal circle time.  During the pumpkin poem, the kids take turns turning off the lights.  They LOVE this and beg to take a turn.
Art.  We did art stations today.  I am so thankful for my incredible helpers.  I could not have pulled off all that we did without them!!

Bat dots on black paper.  I had cut out bat templates that the kids used to tape to their paper.  They dipped their fingers in paint and dotted everything.  When they took off the template, you could see their bats.

 Pumpkin decorating.  The kids painted, put stickers on, and decorated little pumpkins.

Spiderwebs.  Each child drew a spiderweb with chalk and went over them with glue.  

PE.  We went around the room flying like a witch, walking like a zombie, and other ideas the kids came up with for Halloween.

Act of Service.  Each kiddo got a "We've been Boo'd" and "You've Been Boo'd" sign to give to their neighbors.

Journal.  For Halloween I want to...

Math.  The kids did a little dot-to-dot scarecrow and colored him in for one of the stations.

Science Experiment.  The kids took turns putting baking soda into pumpkins and dumping some vinegar on top to make foaming pumpkins.  We talked about chemical reactions again.


Circle Time.  We each shared an instrument we brought with the class.  We sang Jingle Bells so we all could play our instruments.

Emily brought a bunny today.  She has two darling bunnies she has brought in.

Handwriting without Tears.  I showed the kids how to "build" the letter with the magnetic board first and then the kids practiced letter "D" in their books.

PE.  We listed a bunch of different exercises on the board.  The kids took turns flipping a coin to see which exercises we would do.

Math.  We had an introduction to fractions today.  In Lentil, there are notes on the page.  I pointed out the half and quarter notes.  We compared a whole apple to a whole note.  As I cut the apple in quarters, halves, and eighths (and each time would match them back up to make the whole apple) we would compare them to the notes.

Art.  We taped pumpkin faces on different containers and painted over them.  We peeled off the tape at the end. We made these years ago and the kids loved it and we still get them out every year for decorations.


We made dough on Thursday.  Such a hit and so fun.  The kids made the dough and then each formed their own dough ball.  The kiddos could all pick food coloring and some really got into the colors as kids left with smurf hands.  They rolled their dough and cut them out with Halloween cookie cutters.  We baked them in the microwave and painted them.









Science Experiment.  In the book, a lemon causes havoc in the town.  We had a blind taste test with lemon, raisins, seaweed, Goldfish, and bananas.

Reading Time.  We read some fun Halloween books that some of us brought to class.

Spanish.  We played Twister in Spanish.  In Spanish, I would tell them to touch or step on different colors.  We also ended with our Chocolate song that they love.