Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween. Scary Specimens.

I bought all the jars, glasses, and silver platter from the D.I. (the second hand store I mentioned earlier). The mossy stuff came from the Dollar Tree (it's a few bucks more at Michaels). We set this as our centerpiece on our table and try to eat around it. Putting everything on a platter makes it easier if you want to move it. I've seen people put masking tape and label the specimens in the glass jars as if they came from a science lab.

I challenged Carleton to fill three of the jars. He took the kids and picked up some cool looking stuff at the grocery store. I pulled the tops off these peppers-they look like dried worms or fingers to me.

Dried papayas.

Fire pineapples. They look like hearts.

Blood. Syrup with red food coloring. I let some run down inside the glass and it dried cool.

Dried apples with a cockroach (they come in pack at the dollar store).

Goopy Eyeballs.

The cup came from the dollar store. They had blood you could put on the window so I used one for this.

The glass with the scabs (top pic) was done with sticker scabs and I just put catchup inside. What ideas are doing for Halloween? I would love to hear from you.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween. More Decorations.

My sister, Heidi, and I saw all the cool decorations on Martha Stewart's website so we got inspired and went shopping at Deseret Industries (a second hand store). She found an amazing candelabra and I found these cool candle holders for cheap. I got the glittered skull (they have it for a few bucks more at Michaels) and the doily for a buck at Dollar Tree. I got the black candles from Michaels in the Halloween section.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween. Bloody Candles.

I got this idea from Martha Stewart. Check out her website for awesome Halloween ideas. I went to a second hand store and bought a bunch of glassware and candle holders that looked kind of creepy. Here's the breakdown of the bloody candles:

Candle Holders- $1 at Dollar Tree
White Tall Candles-50 Cents at Dollar Tree
Silver Platter-Cheap at a second hand store
Red Candles (to melt on the white candles)-3 for a buck at Dollar Tree

Here's how to do it:

1. We put aluminum foil over the candle holders and fit the tall white candles into the candle holders. This way the wax could drip onto the foil and not make a mess of my holders.

2. We melted a red candle right over the top of the white candle (the candle that is lit was just to provide the flame so I wouldn't use a lot of my tall white candles). Make sure the candle you are melting is red all the way through (some candles are red just on the outside-we had to make an extra trip to the store because we had that prob).

3. Here's the final product. Get a candle that is a very deep red. I bought some red candles but they didn't look as "bloody".

Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween. Cupcakes.

I love Halloween!! Here are some cupcakes I made last year. I thought this could help you get your Halloween creative juices flowing.

The mummy was done with the frosting you get out of a can that has the changeable tops. I used the flat one. The eyes are red hot candies.

The legs for the one eyed monster and spider are licorice ropes. The tomb stone is a graham cracker and they spider eyes are the red hots again. I just made tiny spikes all over to make the spider look furry. The "dirt" for the worm is just black sprinkles.

The brain has two lines right down the middle and just squiggles on the sides. For the spiderweb, I made the straight lines first and then did connecting loops.

I had to throw in this cute pic of this sassy little witch. My sister did an awesome job on Maddy's makeup.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Place mats.

I made these place mats for Apollo last Christmas. I taped the pictures onto large card stock had them laminated (some thick stuff).

I cut these pics out of one of my old anatomy books from college.

I found these in a thin booklet of maps.

This was done with alphabet stamps. I cut pictures out. Apollo can point to the pics now and eventually he can point to the pics and know what letter they start with and eventually how to spell them.

While making these, I put Apollo in his high chair and let him make a mess. Anything to keep him busy while I could work on Christmas gifts.