Monday, January 9, 2012

 A Peek at some Projects.

I've been wanting to get my house more organized for awhile...crafts, Tupperware, pantry, etc.  Shannon gave me some great tips and I've been looking at ways I can organize things.  I'm going to do a whole blog post on some fun things I've found.  Last month we organized the pantry, bathroom cupboards, Tupperware, and some kid craft supplies.  I'm excited to show you.


I grew up with my mom refinishing furniture and making our home beautiful.  She could find some of the most random things (I think my dad wondered about a lot of the stuff she brought it) but she always made them look so amazing afterward.  We have been living in apartments for the last few years and had to get rid of a lot and I could never buy many furnishings because we didn't have the space.  It's been so fun to have my sis and mom here to help me decorate the house.  These are the projects we've been working on:

-Nightstands.  Added some black glaze to Annie's pink night stands (I bought at a flee market)
-Shopped.  Bought a little dresser and cool antique night stand from the salvation army.  I also went to Home Goods and Cost Plus World Market (thanks for the suggestion Christie) and found a bath mat, towels, and a shower curtain.  At a thrift store we found awesome candle holders (I'm going to paint them) and a beautiful vase.
-Moved Toy Room.  Switched the toy room from the entrance front room to the back half of the living room.  It looks great.  Pics coming soon.
-Rearranged and added furniture.  My sister and parents have been storing furniture for me at their homes.  When they found cool things from thrift stores, they would send me a picture text and ask if I wanted it.  Now we have a lot more furniture in the house...and  lot more work to do!
-Parks' Crib.  Went to Jenny's fabric, in Fountain Valley, and got some darling material for Parks' room.  My mom sewed all his bumpers and pads together on his crib.  She got a stain pen to clean up all the scratches on the crip-looks amazing
-Toy Room Piece.  Went from a throw-away piece to a show piece thanks to Mom and Heidi!
-Crayon Art.  I'll take a pic.  We melted crayons on a canvas for Parks' room-turned out awesome.  Apollo got in on the action and made one for his room too.
-Piano.  My great grandma gave me a piano that she got when she was six years old.  We tried cleaning in up a bit-still needs tons of work!
-Desk.  My parents brought me a vintage, roll-top desk they found.  My mom glued and fixed some of the drawers.
-Molecule Mobile.  Carleton bought a vintage molecule set that I put together.  Now we'll hang it up over his crib.  He'll love all the colors.

Years ago I found this storage piece?? Not sure what it was.  Carleton thought it was a shoe rack from some bowling alley.  I got it for $15 (Carleton was not excited).  Somehow it came through every move with us.  Carleton didn't want it in our house.  My sister added wood, molding, and rollers.  They stained and sanded it.  Looks like a piece from Restoration Hardware now!


Here are Annie's nightstands that were glazed and wiped.  They look so pretty in her pink and black room. 

I learned so much about refinished different pieces.  I'm exited to show you the finished pieces and share what I learned.