Monday, February 6, 2017

Choose Your Adventure

Circle Time.  The memorizations the  kids have done are Dear Laddy and Jellyfish, Hey Diddle Diddle, Jack and Jill, 10 Little Indians in Spanish, and Jack Sprat.  We are going to keep adding more nursery rhymes.  I had a lawyer friend that always worked on nursery rhymes with her children and I read in a brain book that memorization is so great and it is being taken away in schools.  I think the kids feel proud of themselves for being able to do it without me.

Choice Time.  Here are some pics of choice time.  Some kids chose play dough, others the  plastic food and dishware, and I meet with one child to work on reading skills at a time.


Literature.  Valentine Books.  I got some cute ones from the library.

Math.  Q-Bits (great for following patterns), Chutes and Ladders, and Sorry.  We did this in stations with my helpers so each child got to play each game for awhile. 

Choose your own adventure.  I did this once last year and did it again this year.  The kids loooooved it.  I didn't get through hardly any names, so we'll keep them in a box and draw a name out now and then, so they can choose an adventure too.  I got the slingshot led planes (that I had planned on using for The Glorious Flight but didn't get to it).  I set out a page with cards taped to it that had fun ideas underneath that I set out.

Parachute.  We put balls on the parachute, made a little tent, switched colors, and played with the big parachute.

Planes.  The kids practiced with the led planes and some of us made some on our own.

Money.  Faith brought in some fake money and the kids really like playing with it.  All the kids got all the dollar bills from 100 down to 1 and all the coins.  We talked about how we could group them (I know this was a big subject they worked on in kindergarten).  We grouped them according to material, worth, etc.

Charades.  The kids get a little crazy with excitement on this game!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Papa Piccolo

Literature.  Papa Piccolo.  We talked about Venice and I showed them some pictures.

Handwriting without Tears.  We have been practicing our letters that "jump".  We did some review on all the letters and we did a little activity with the letters.

PE.  I wrote all the suits (of cards) on the board and had a workout associated with it.  The kids took turns drawing the cards that would tell us which exercises to do and how many.  We actually got a really great little workout in!

Math.  We played Yahtzee, Uno, and Trouble in stations.  Parents, if you are planning on going to Vegas, take Sky with you (he's super lucky), but I wouldn't take Nora (she was not as lucky in Trouble).  Ha!

Art.  We painted our plates in preparation to weave.  They need time to dry before we string the yarn on them.  The silver glitter on the top made them look even better!  I cut the slits in them later so they would be spread evenly apart.

Music.  We got out the instruments, rainbow wrist ribbons, and egg shakers so the kids could boogie while Emily played her guitar for the kids.  The kids love to dance and Emily has such a sweet, pretty voice.  She was sweet to let them come up and play the guitar too!  The boys had their own little boy band going for awhile.  

Journal.  For fun, I like to...

The Glorious Flight

Literature.  The Glorious Flight.  What does the family like to do?  Old vs. new.

Art.  Still Life.  I set up a pedestal with fruit on top for the kids "still life" and they drew and colored it on their paper.  On the bottom, they copied a sentence that was written about it.

This kids had a blast decorating their Valentine boxes...glitter, stickers, paint...the works!

Act of Service.  The kids were given acts of service cards where they can choose service to do for others.  They drew pictures on the back and will send in pictures once they do some of them.  They also cut them all out.

Journal.  Over the break I...

Sports.  The kids brought in soccer balls and we practiced trapping the ball and kicking it on the insides of our feet