Sunday, February 26, 2012

3 Week Healthy Challenge.



Carleton called me the other day to say he booked a cruise to Mexico for our anniversary in May.  I want to get ride of the rest of my baby fat so we're doing a three week challenge (adapting it to our lifestyle) from the Whole Living magazine Martha Stewart put out.  Go here if you want some new healthy recipes or want to try the challenge with me.

Here are some tips I thought I would share for those wanting to try some healthy new meals but want to save time:

1.  Double or even quadruple recipes.  Sometimes healthy veggies and foods are hard to to find.  Nice, because you only have to find the foods once, use less dishes, etc.

2.  Freeze.  I made a bunch of the Green Machine Smoothies.  I have some in the fridge for tomorrow and two Tupperwares full in the freezer.  I put a post-it on each including the name, serving size, and date so I can have some for later.   I did the same for the soups.

3.  Get the kids occupied.  When I want to get a lot done, I sometimes call the kids' friends over to play.  They play so well together that we can get a lot of done around the house.  So, if it's more of a headache to have other kids over, maybe dad can take the kids for awhile so you can dedicate some time-chopping veggies takes forever.


Yummy trail mix. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Surprise Cookies.  

I was reading one of the old Sesame Street books the other night to the kids.  Cookie Monster made these cookies so we decided to try them out-one of my first activities with the kids after Parks joined us.  I found a sugar cookie recipe off the internet.  We filled the centers with all different kinds of chocolate chips, then folded them over and cooked them.  They were yummy.