Sunday, October 9, 2016

Make an Apple Pie and Travel the World.

Do I have the best job ever?!! I get to wear a 50's dress, put on an apron, and learn how to make apple pies with my favorite little people.

Circle Time.  Right now we are working on the sight words and, it, to, and the.  We are also working on memorizing the Ladies and Jellyfish poem and the nursery rhyme Jack Sprat.  They love practicing Five Little Pumpkins and when it says "out went the light", one of the kids turns off the light.  The kids love doing shares and the other songs and movement activities we do.

For individual reading time, the kids can use this tool to practice "building"  letters the correct way and can see their marks on the screen from the magnet.

Literacy.  My sister was so nice and helped us make the pies.  She read the kids Make an Apple Pie and Travel the World.  It was Nora's birthday so all the kids ate donuts outside and listened to the story while eating suckers.  I was glad they had something sweet to eat because the kids made the pie and didn't get a chance to eat it before they were baked.


Marvel is an expert baker and I was so excited to have her teach us how to make pies.  I was told that I was crazy to make pies from scratch with kids but they were wonderful and enjoyed it.  Heidi, my sister, brought an apple slicer and peeler with a crank that the kids all took turns using.  I was so inspired that I am ready to make one for Thanksgiving.  I heard that Grant wants to teach his family how to make one.  Warms my heart!

I took some random shots during the day.


Look at these good lookin' pies!!  Marvel, you are the best.  Nora's expression in this picture is so so cute!

On Thursday, we got to eat our apple pie and sold the rest for our little preschool business.  Thank you moms for helping bake them.  I don't think I have ever smelled anything yummier!  They were a big hit!!


Journal.  My favorite foods are...

Science Experiment.  The kids all shook salt onto a plate.  We mixed the salt with water until we couldn't see it anymore.  We set it out in the sun and at the end of class we checked on it.  On the parts that began to dry, we could see the salt crystals.  We talked about evaporation and what was going on in the experiment.

Reading.  We read a couple of fun Halloween books.

Spanish.  We learned a new new song about mixing chocolate with the hand motions.  We also sang 10 Indiasitos practicing our numbers in Spanish.

Sports.  We introduced soccer to the kids and practiced kicking on the inside of our feet.  Emily and I "pitched" to the kids.  Afterwards, we all played with the parachute, making a "home" inside and throwing balls on top.

Amelie wore a darling little apple dress.

Fun Week!


Emily, my helper, brought in her pet frog she has had for six years.  It was so amazing looking...even fake looking.  The kids got to hold and pet it.  Thank you Emily!

Choice Time.  Play dough. The kids played with all the attachments that go with rolling pins and play dough scissors.  Thank you Michael!

Literature.  We read Madeline.

Handwriting Without Tears.  We practiced writing the letter E correctly.

PE.  In Madeline,  Miss Clavel said "Thank the Lord they are all well."  We talked about how we can keep healthy by exercising, washing our hands, etc.

Math.  How many hearts are you?  Madeline is the smallest of all the girls.  We measured each kiddo and it would be fun to put all the hearts up on a graph to see everyone's height.

Madelyn (my helper) was a good sport and was measured too.

In the book, the twelve girls are always in two symmetrical groups of six.  I brought in 48 coins and put them all in groups of 12 to represent the girls.  What if the girls want to go down two sets of stairs and are in equal groups?  How many would be in each group?  We worked it out and counted it out as a class.  Now, the girls want to go to three different water fountains.  Lastly, the the girls wanted to eat in four tables.

Art.  In Madeline, the girls feel sorry for a soldier that hurt his leg in the war.  We talked about empathy and feeling sad when others are sad.  We talked about how we can make flowers and give them to people...maybe elderly people or some neighbors.  A couple of kids came back on Thursday and had already handed out their flower to someone!

Journal.  These are the nice acts I do for other people...

Science Experiment.  In Madeline, the artist drew a variety of pictures...some monochromatic, some mostly yellow, and some colorful.  We experimented with color.  We made orange, purple, and green and lastly they made their own concoctions.  The kiddos looooved this!


Spanish.  We read a book in Spanish about colors and practiced our colors.

Yoga and meditation. The kids did so awesome with their meditation!  It is such a great tool to help them think positive thoughts, focus, and learn to feel peaceful.

Music.  We danced to some fun music and did some movement songs.




Great Day Great Day Great Day!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Circle Time.  The kids brought items that represented China or a duck because we read Ping.  This week we started our literacy curriculum Five in a Row and I really like it!  Everyone brought beautiful pictures, a globe that sings, books, a rubber ducky, chopsticks, and the pic above is of Grant showing fun pictures and items his mom brought back from China. 

How can I deny a request for bubbles?

Literature.  Wyatt brought rice cakes to eat while we read Ping.  The kids had fun saying "Ping" every time his name came up in the story.  On Thursday, we talked about what is similar and different about China's culture .

Social Studies.    We talked about how things might look good but aren't always what they appear to be.  Ping is lured in by rice cakes and is caught.  We talked about other items that could  be similar.  

Geography.  We talked about why cities are built along rivers.  We will put a little disc (a picture of Ping) on the map in our room.

PE.  We played "Red Rover".  We ended up with one huge line and one tiny line  The kids love it!  We also timed ourselves doing wall sits and planks.  We can do hard things!

Math.  Using coins and blocks, we counted up all of Ping's family (including his 42 cousins)!

Act of Service.  We drew pictures for our mail person to thank them.  For Parks, I bought some M&Ms to say thank you for your Miles & Miles of service.

Game.  We played "Love my Neighbors".  We put all the chairs in a circle (except for the person in the middle).  The person in the middle says something true about themselves like "I like all my neighbors that like to bike" and everyone that loves to bike has to get up and switch seats and the last person standing is in the middle and we start again.  It is a good game to learn more about the kids and they had a blast.  By then end, the kids were trying not to find seats so they could be in the middle.

Journal.  The kids journaled about fun things they like to do in the water and drew a picture at the top.

Science Experiment.  We played "Will it Sink or Will it Float."  So fun!  Billie brought in a huge pumice rock and it floated, while her little rock sank.  The kids brought some fun items.

Reading Time.  We read some cute books that were brought in.  Nora always has funny ones.

Yoga and Meditation.  With some of our regular poses, we did some animal ones too.

Spanish.  We played a game where, after I taught them the colors, we would look for a color around the warehouse together.  Buscamos a...

I am crazy excited about Spanish right now.  I met with my friend, Shirley, that has taught full immersion Spanish to littles and she gave me so so so many ideas.  She let me videotape and take pics of her ideas and of her singing.  Thank  you!!