Sunday, March 19, 2017

Valentine Theme

 Choice Time.  Here are some random pics of choice time today.  The kids love to be creative and during that time I read with the kids one-on-one (well, they read to me!).

Swap Valentine Cards.  The kids loved handing out all their Valentine treats to the other kids.  We did it one at a time so everyone could celebrate each person and could say thank you.

Art.  We put contact paper backwards (sticky side going in toward us) and taped it to the window so the sun could shine in while the students worked on their pieces.  I drew a big heart for the kids and I taught them a technique to put the colored tissue paper on them.  When some kids were done, they because "minions" to their friends and did what ever their friends asked (like putting the color they wanted in a certain place).



Game.  We worked in stations for games so we could have one of the helpers and I to work with each group.  We played Operation, Jenga, and Connect Four.  I hope all my parents are playing games with their kids.  It is so good for brain connections, math practice, and problem solving skills.

Activity.  We will be doing an an art and science project dealing with bubbles so we went outside and blew bubbles.  We talked about the light and colors and them and how it shows up and reflects.

Science Experiment.  I brought some very big flasks for the kids to see (because we will be drawing them soon).  I had one big and one smaller flasks.  We made a hypothesis to see if the 100 mL from the one flask would be the same as the other flask.  They didn't think so...but they were!  The kids loved playing with the flasks and water.

Reading.  We read Valentine books.